New house, new M&M home

About six months ago I moved house, this meant that I had to pack up all my precious dispensers and other items into boxes for the big move.  As you would expect with any big shift, it has taken some time to settle into a new house, a new suburb and to find the right place for my collection.   I finally, unpacked it all and setup in my new even bigger man shed.  During the move I lost only two items, a ceramic mug that broke and unfortunately a snow globe from the Las Vegas M&M World Store 😦 .   The collection is looking really good now with over 1000 items and some new book shelves.

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M&M Worldwide Collectors group on Facebook

I have just created a group for M&M Worldwide Collectors I wonder how many people will join and share their passion of collecting M&M memorabilia.

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The collection has a new home

Over the last few months I have been building a Man Cave.  This is more than a Man Cave it is a new home for my M&M Collection which now is around 500 items strong.




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Change of the guards

Last night I bought a new M&M plush… it is a Red M&M as a royal guard that came from the M&M World in London.  I thought I would try the new local buy swap and sell page on Facebook that I stumbled upon the other day and I saw him there and thought you don’t see these characters in Australia very often.  I asked the price and thought yep I’ll take that, thanks heaps!  Now to get my man cave finished so that I can get up my entire collection on display again.

Red as Royal Guard from M&M World London

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My trip to M&M World Store – Las Vegas

In 2009, I took my first trip to Las Vegas.  For me it meant more than just heading to sin city for some gambling, I was on a mission to visit what was to become one of my favourite places on Earth.  The M&M World Store did not fail me. It was from memory four stories of M&M heaven.  It caters for everyone, whether you just wanted to pop in for a quick chocolate fix, to be presented with a wall of M&Ms colours to choose from or whether you are into collecting and wanted to stock up on some new pieces.  I ended up almost needing to buy a new suitcase to bring my purchases back to Australia.

Pictured below is the famous wall of M&Ms and my stash, including Viva M&Ms t-shirt, statue of liberty (Green M&M), a candy slot machine, and a monkey wearing an M&M World Store – Las Vegas t-shirt (it says “I love chocolate” when you squeeze him).

IMG_0597 SL371505 SL371507

  SL371492SL371518 SL371514

I also loved the various large displays, you know the ones that you know you cannot afford nor fit into your suitcase, like the M&M branded Nascar.

SL371510 SL371508

The trip to the M&M World Store was one of the best things I have done in the US and was so good, we went again in 2010… and of course needed another suitcase for that trip too!

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Cars, Planes and Fire Trucks

My collection has many different types of items, some of my favourite ones are my vehicles.  I have a few different coloured hot rods, a plane, fire truck and a police car.   What type of M&M vehicles do you have?

WP_20130910_003 WP_20130916_001

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Collection update

It has been a long time since I last posted something here about my M&M collection.  A lot has happened since 2009.  I have been to Las Vegas several times and visited the M&M World Store, that along with Disneyland would be the most awesome place on the planet.  I have also recently been building a man cave out the back of my house (really it is an M&M den to house my collection).  A lot of my collection has been boxed ready for the move to its new home, however this is some of the collection;


This is me with Yellow dressed as Elvis out the front of the M&M World Store in Las Vegas (shhh);


I plan to take lots more photos and update with more posts soon.

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Time to play games

Over the last several trips to America I have managed to pick up quite a few M&M items, these particular ones are all games, including Cards, Jigsaw Puzzle, Monopoly and Yahtzee.  None of these are actually going to get played they will stay mint.


Cards Jigsaw Puzzle

Monopoly Yahtzee

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New Toppers and Dispensers

Recently went over to New Zealand for a holiday, which was really nice.  Normally people purchase alcohol and cigarettes at duty free but I decided that my dollars were better spent on M&M dispensers.  So, in addition to the alcohol (okay so I did spend some on that too), I bought two new toppers and two dispensers.

Train Toppers

The two toppers are part of a set of eight that form a complete train, I will be travelling to America in September (Las Vegas to M&M World) so might just get the rest of the set then.

 Chef Wizard

I couldn’t resist these dispensers also, the Chef and Wizard are two of six.

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The next part of my collection I would like to share are my clocks.  I have two very similar alarm clocks, both of a sleepy looking Yellow Peanut M&M wearing a nightcap and holding a toothbrush.  I only had one up until three weeks ago when my mother-in-law spotted the other with a different coloured base and clock face.  She picked up a bargain at only A$10 as the blue based clock normally sell anywhere between A$20-30 and the red based clock can sell upwards of A$75 depending on their condition.

M&M Clocks

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